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meHD Services Pricing


HydraFacial-MD PLUS


The HydraFacialHD Plus is the perfect treatment for ALL skin types, including acne and Rosacea. This treatment utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology for your skin along with meHD skincare products developed for your specific skin type. The HydraFacial rejuvenates the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously infusing the skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums and antioxidants. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. A perfect canvas for an immediate airbrush makeup application!

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The perfect 30-minute lunch break! The meHD signature facial infuses your skin with cleansing and moisturizing serums, in 1/2 the time. You’ll return to work so refreshed, everyone will wonder what you’ve been up to!



Unveil-HD is a melange of intense progressive and nourishing procedures including the HydraFacial, the crystal-free hydra-dermabrasion and a customized meHD Vitamin C and collagen treatment. This trio helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is then polished with a Botanical Bio-Peptide Complex. UnveilHD gives your skin the results you want … with NO down time!



The advancement in skin resurfacing technology, the HydraPeelHD combines the benefits of aggressive exfoliation and a Gly/Sal Acid blend into a one-step resurfacing procedure to achieve optimal results for patient with irregular skin texture, acne, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. The treatment dissolves lifeless skin cells to leave your complexion fresh and glowing. GlySal Acids improve skin texture and tone after just one treatment. The GlySal solution is not absorbed into the body and will not cause any systemic side effects or post-peel scaling.



This advanced anti-aging treatment begins with our signature HydraFacial for exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, and hydration. Included is the crystal free micro-dermabrasion, or GlySal Peel, DermaBuilder and the LED light treatment (either blue or red), followed by the lymphatic massage. Then polished with “Liquid Gold” moisture treatment; this is the ultimate synthesis for the woman (or man) who deserves the very best!

meHD 24K Gold HydraFacial


This luxurious treatment begins with our signature HydraFacial. A masque of 24K Gold is then applied and massaged into the skin with the proprietary serums that will instantly tighten and tone the skin leaving you radiant and glowing! The 24K Gold treatment can be separately added to ANY meHD facial. ($95.00)

meHD Red Light Treatment


The red light therapy is suitable for all skin types. It helps to smooth skin texture, improve skin firmness and resilience, increases the lymphatic system activity, restore skin’s natural cellular activity, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and superficial hyper-pigmentation. The red light causes the skin to heal up to 200 percent faster and can be added to any facial treatment.

meHD Blue Light Treatment


The blue light therapy is a safe, completely natural method of treatment suitable for teenage, oily or acne prone skin. Without getting too clinical, the blue light destroys P.acnes, the bacteria responsible for acne inflammation. The blue light targets the sebaceous glands, not the surrounding tissues, causing the inflammation to self-destruct. The number of treatments needed to reach optimal results may vary depending on the severity of the acne. The blue light therapy can be added to any facial treatment.

HydraLymphatic Therapy


European physicians prescribe lymphatic massage and treatment to purify tissue from within and promote blood flow. It is recommended for aged, acne prone, environmentally stressed skin, and pre and post-operative patients. The meHD Five Star European Luxury Facial is included in this treatment.

HydraCellulite Treatment


The meHD cellulite treatment is a fusion of unique detoxifying, body-firming and body contouring ingredients in synergistic combination with state-of-the art massage, which will increase circulatory and lymphatic system function, helping to deliver nutrients to your skin and break down unnecessary fat and toxins. The cellulite treatment is especially beneficial for targeting those difficult areas that we can’t always get at through exercise.
For maximum results, a schedule of 12 treatments is recommended. Special series pricing available.

meHD Five Star European Luxury Facial


This luxury facial is a basic for all skin types. Your skin will be cleansed, steamed, exfoliated and moisturized with the specialized meHD skincare formula developed for your specific skin type. And… an added treat! You will also enjoy a relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage along with a moisturizing hand treatment. You will leave the studio relaxed and your skin glowing!

meHD Deep Cleansing ACNE Facial Treatment


This facial is a basic for acneic skin. Your skin will be cleansed, steamed, exfoliated and includes disincrustration, extractions and high frequency, to further assist the healing of acne lesions. Your skin will be further treated with specialized meHD skincare products developed for troubled skin. A special blue light treatment may also be added.

meHD Executive Men’s Facial


In today’s competitive world, men need their often-neglected skin purified, toned, and nourished. Exfoliation, extractions, and a deep relaxing massage of the face, scalp, upper shoulders, and neck is included with this facial. Also included is a toning masque and a face-firming complex developed specifically for male skin.

meHD Rejuvenating Facial


Excellent for all skin types, this facial includes a peel that brightens and rejuvenates the skin, removes dead skin cells and clears follicles. The rich nutrients infuse the skin with high levels of Vitamin C and A and antioxidants that protect skin from environmental damage. Promotes collagen production and provides a healthy glow after treatment.

meHD Perfectly Polished Facial


This highly intensive treatment is designed to brighten dull skin by dissolving lackluster skin cells. Our non-irritating skin polishing facial combines the diamond-tip microdermabrasion with the power of natural sapphire crystals, trace mineral nutrients and hydration binding ingredients.  This highly charged mineral anti-aging treatment, promotes collagen production with a unique blend of minerals, hyaluronic acid, licorice root and Vitamin C Serum to enable the skin to resist stress and provide immediate skin firming hydration. To achieve that healthy glow, skin is polished with Liquid Gold.


(Added to any facial treatment)


Micro-needle therapy or collagen introduction therapy is ideal for non-surgical and non-ablative treatment of various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles, stretching), scarring (acne, surgical) and hyperpigmentation. Clinical studies have shown Bio Roller Therapy System to be more effective than ablative treatments like laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical peel and just as effective as non-ablative treatments like CO2 laser and Fraxel in stimulating collagen and elastin production to thicken the skin thereby helping minimize wrinkles and smooth scars.

Epidermal Resurfacing (Derma Planing)...

(Added to any facial treatment)


Derma planing or epidermal resurfacing is a peeling technique that uses a cellular abrasion blade designed for effective and safe peeling. The treatment removes a layer of dead skin cells affecting the stratum corneum and also removes fine vellous facial hair.

meHD Peels…

(Added to any facial treatment)


  • Gly/Sal HydraPeel
  • Dermabuilder Peptide Complex
  • Glycolic or Lactic Acid Peel
  • Rejuvenating Pumpkin Peel
  • Papaya Enzyme Peel
  • Ultra-Firming Peptide Power Peel
  • Grape Wine Peel
  • Acne Enzyme/Chemical Peel

meHD Exfoliating Backcial


Bringing “sexy back” …. The latest fashions are showing off your upper shoulders and back, so don’t let your face have all the fun! The meHD backcial (back facial) provides a complete cleansing for those hard-to-reach spots, combining extractions with a gentle micro-mineral exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and the relaxing massage with a mineral rich serum will leave your back smooth, soft and more even toned. Be confident when you step out in that backless Prom or Wedding Dress!

MICROBLADING (Eyebrows and Hairlines)

$400 and up

Wakeup with perfect eyebrows!  The latest technology in semi-permanent makeup, MICROBLADING, is available at meHD Skincare & Makeup Studio.  This technique is a process that may be used to improve or create eyebrow definition, to cover gaps of lost hair, to extend the eyebrows, or may be used as a full reconstruction if the brows have little/no hair. Each microblading stroke is applied individually by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs.  Microblading is a gentler alternative to traditional tattoo make up methods due to the fact that it does not penetrate into the dermis skin layer.  This technique creates the most natural looking 3D eyebrows that will last anywhere from 1-2 years and can also be used to create the appearance of thicker hair around the hairline!

People suffering from alopecia or any other condition that causes hair loss would benefit greatly from microblading as well as those who simply aren't happy with their eyebrows. The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your original eyebrow/hair color and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly into them.

Waking up with brows you don’t to do anything to, is liberating!             

To make it easy to maintain those beautiful brows , meHD includes two (2) complimentary touch-ups  and refill packages at a discounted rate per refill.

Hi-Def Airbrushed Makeup


Basic airbrush makeup application in the meHD studio. That’s completely airbrushed face, eyes, cheeks, lips… even eyebrows! Click on REQUEST A QUOTE for the special occasion looks such as Portrature, Bridal, Theatrical, Competition or Fantasy makeup.

**On location makeup application may be arranged in advance. Additional fees will apply based on location. (Set up charge plus mileage).

Makeup Instruction / Individual

Call for Pricing

Includes: Private “in-studio” consultation, color selection, private instruction on makeup application techniques & a personalized face chart and complete airbrush makeup kit.

Tattoo Coverage (Temporary) *


Also, birthmarks and scars. (Pricing depends on the size of the birthmark, scar or tattoo.)

* NOTE: Requires a consultation to determine/guarantee proper coverage.

Sugaring: The Sweet Art of Hair Removal

Finally a sweet solution for removing unwanted facial and body hair for all ages, skin types or genders. The sugar paste only adheres to your hair and not the skin, so it will not cause skin irritation like waxing can. No strips, no spatulas, no mess! The simple way to smooth starts here… You’ll LOVE it, we promise!

  • Brow Shaping $20
  • Eyebrow Maintenance $15
  • Lip $15
  • Lip & Brow $30
  • Lip & Brow Maintenance $25
  • Chin $20
  • Full Face $40
  • Neck $20
  • Ears $10
  • Underarms $30
  • 1/2 Arms $40
  • Full Arms $55
  • Back and/or Chest $65 – $100
  • Bikini $35
  • Bikini PLUS $65
  • Brazilian $85
  • Lower or Upper Legs $65
  • Full Legs $95 (inc. feet/toes)
  • Shoulders $35 w/Upper Neck $55

meHD “GROUPIES” Membership Program

meHD has developed “GROUPIE” memberships for our most popular services. We want to make it easy and economical for you to visit us regularly for some well-deserved “me-time”.

meHD GROUPIE Memberships Include:

  • Group discounts on skincare services, upgrades, treatments and products
  • Comprehensive skincare consultation, plan and education
  • Convenient hours with standing appointments to work with your busy schedule
  • Special GROUPIE MEMBERS ONLY offers and the first to know about new products and services
  • FREE services or products included in each Groupie Deal!

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